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Inflasil Behind the Scenes

Unique Ways Inflasil works:

Inflammation Overview

Inflasil aims to target and provide relief related to chronic or internal inflammation.

1. Reduces and treats your body's inflammatory responses.

2. Relieves pain associated with your body's internal inflammation.

3. Provides healthy all-natural ingredients to promote stronger immune system.

Table of contents
Inflammation Overview
Internal Inflammation
Inflammation Symptoms
Essential Nutrients
Lifestyle Changes
Scientific Research

Internal Inflammation

Inflammation is simply the body's response to a foreign irritant, agent, or pathogen. It's quite natural to have some inflammation, but the problem arises when the inflammation becomes severe or prolonged. These two types of inflammation include acute and chronic inflammation.

Inflasil's highest quality ingredients have many anti-inflammatory properties, provide relief for pain, swelling, and redness that is associated with inflammation.

Inflasil targets inflammation from the source and treats mild forms of acute and chronic inflammation.

Inflammation Symptoms

As mentioned previously, inflammation is the natural way the body heals. Pain symptoms commonly associated with inflammation include swelling, bulging, stiffness, redness, chills, and/or fevers. You may have one or many of these types of symptoms.

When your body has a form of inflammation, your natural immune system is "stressed out". The ingredients within Inflasil help facilitate your natural immune system to fight off whatever is causing your inflammation in the first place. The supplement also helps your body repair damaged cells leading to a faster recovery from inflammation!

Inflasil provides fast and quick relief with pain associated with inflammation.

Essential Nutrients

We only use the best quality ingredients within each of our capsule. Each capsule includes ginger, curcumin, garlic, skullcap, and MUCH MORE that all help to reduce and treat your inflammation symptoms.

Ginger is packed with compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that curcumin has been able to lower the enzyme levels that first cause inflammation. And lastly, skullcap has been shown to reduce the typical inflammation symptoms that sufferers encounter including relieving pain and swelling. Read more about the "science" by checking out the bottom of this page!

Inflasil provides the best essential nutrients and ingredients to combat and treat chronic and internal inflammation.

Lifestyle Changes

NOTE that Inflasil is NOT a miracle cure and that we recommend at least a 90 day supply of dedicated supplement use in order to achieve the maximum results!

That being said, other lifestyle changes while taking Inflasil will dramatically increase the chances of reducing most of, or if not all, your inflammation problems.

Consume a diet low on Omega-6s. When Omega-6s are consumed in excess, it may lead to increased chances for inflammation. Foods high in Omega-6s include meat, dairy, flour, and baked goods. Obesity also increased the changes for inflammation, so its very much important to increase daily fitness and exercise into your lifestyle change. Lastly, staying well hydrated and stress-free also helps facilitate your body's natural immune system to stay strong.

Scientific Research Behind Inflasil: